Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Different Doctor

Treya Doctor Series (starring Treya as ‘Doctor’ and Anisha as ‘Patient’)
Episode One
Doctor: Good morning. What’s the matter?
Patient: I am feeling very tired, Doctor.
Doctor: Oh? Let me see, since when have you had fever?
Patient: No, Doctor, I don’t have fever, I am feeling very tired.
Doctor: Oh, that doesn’t mean anything.
Patient: But it does – I’m feeling very sleepy and I can’t work as much as I would like to.
Doctor: Oh, what did you eat in the morning?
Patient: Bread and cheese – and an egg. And milk.
Doctor: Hmmm. And was this before you had fever?
Patient: But I don’t have fever!
Doctor: Oh well, before you fell ill?
Patient: Yes.
Doctor: And after?
Patient: After what?
Doctor: After you fell ill?
Patient: What?
Doctor: What did you eat?
Patient: Nothing.
Doctor: And before?
Patient: Before what?
Doctor: Before you had fever?
Patient: But I don’t have fever.
Doctor: Oh all right. Before you fell ill, illish?
Patient: That’s all I’ve eaten since morning, Doctor.
Doctor: Hmmm. Well, when did you discover you had fever?
Patient: But I don’t have fever.
Doctor: Oh yes, you do.
Patient: Oh, all right, Doctor!
Doctor: And you also have worms.
Patient: Oh Doctor!
Doctor: Yes, you have to have vitemes and antebylex. Here is the electrician.
Patient: Here?
Doctor: Yes, it’s all noted down in the electrican. Here, Bye. Come every day.
Episode 2
Doctor: Come in! What happened?
Patient: I have a bad cough.
Doctor: Oh, what’s your name?
Patient: Anisha.
Doctor: Say something else.
Patient: Something else?
Doctor: Yes, like Snehanshu.
Patient: My name is Snehanshu.
Doctor: No, like Dumballo.
Patient: My name is Dumballo.
Doctor: Ha! Ha! What a funny name! I don’t think that can be your name. Ok, what are your names?
Patient: Kitchaloo.
Doctor: Can’t be. I’ll write Salda. What’s wrong with you?
Patient: I have a cough.
Doctor: Oh, you have a cough? Fine. Go home.
Episode 3
Doctor: So how did you get the cough?
Patient: I think I did not dry my hair properly after washing it.
Doctor: Oh, that’s nothing. What did you do after that?
Patient: I sat inside.
Doctor: Hmmm. You should have sat outside. Then what happened?
Patient: What happened?
Doctor: Yes, did you get a headache?
Patient: No.
Doctor: Oh no headache, then there’s nothing wrong with you.
Episode 4
Doctor: So, then what happened? Still no headache?
Patient: No.
Doctor: Oh say na, you have a headache.
Patient: OK. I have a headache.
Doctor: That means you are going to get a fever. You’ll have to have lots of medicines. I’ll write them down. (Taking out a hammer) Hmm. There’s an insect. Open your mouth.
Just a minute – this doesn’t work. Yes, open your mouth now. Yes, that’s right. There is an insect. We’ll have to take your temperature. Wow! Its 39! Hmmm.
(Taking out a stethoscope and placing it on the stomach, truimphantly) Yes! That’s where the fever comes from!


  1. This is really hilarious.. I can actually visualize the episodes :o))
    Love the vitemes and antebylex and not to miss the electrician !


  2. Very good, Madam. I'm changing my doctor straightaway!