Sunday, May 14, 2023

Renewing Designs with Communities, Another Way of Building

Renewing Designs with Communities, Another Way of Building

Very happy to share that the UK USA edition of our new book is out! We haven't seen it as yet, but Partho Dutta ordered a copy and sent us the picture! Thanks Partho! 

And even happier to share that the South Asian edition is also out now! Here's the link:

The book looks at alternative ways of analyzing traditional and contemporary architectural design and building practices in South Asia with a special focus on India. It showcases how collaborative projects between architects and local communities and drawing from local building traditions can lead to sustainable and equitable practices in architecture. 

The volume includes an analysis of projects in rural, tribal, and urban areas of India and Nepal and first-hand accounts of architects, teachers, and professionals engaged in the theory and practice of design and architecture. It examines the differences between the individualistic and the collective approach and explores the meaning of architecture as a process and as a product and as a decentralized, ecologically, and locally sensitive way of designing. While comparing traditional and modern methods of building, it also examines the impact of each method on the community, the economy and the surrounding environment. 

Thanks to all our wonderful contributors: Krishna and Anu, Meghal Arya, Biresh Shah, Peu Banerjee and Prabir Das, Arshima and Mainak, Golak, Kanchan Joneja.

It was a pleasure to have worked on this with all of you!

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